Repeating myself

It seems I have tremendous troubles to repeat myself when I paint. I have an idea that I like and then I make another painting with the same theme. This new painting starts off well but gradually I feel that I have to finish the painting. Some aspect of excitement has disappeared.

It is very different with photography though. With photography, I love to make series of photos. I feel naked when I only can make one photo, something that stands on its own. Then I get this urge to look for variations or a story that is already embedded in the stand-alone photograph.

So why is this I wonder? Painting has to do with the prolonged time I spend on the painting. There is something very tactile about paint and brushes. With a painting you can make images that cannot be real, to a lesser extent this is the case for a photograph.

Or is it something entirely mental perhaps? Is it so that because I have this though I set myself up for failure? Maybe it is my thinking process and my assumptions? Should I not think at all about whether this painting can be come part of a series?