Row with the oars you got


This is perhaps the must profound statement I repeat inside my mind when I tend to slip into la-la-land. And la-la-land is the world of how things should be. La-la-land is where I can find many, very many people. It is a land where nothing happens as the objective is always out of reach. In la-la-land, you no shortage of excuses though.

But let me return to the profound statement: row with the oars you got. There are so many reasons to not start to do something. A lack of skill, no good brushes, no good paint and so forth. In the past I could have made a list of the many things I should have before I could paint. The fact is, I need very little that is not readily available. I cannot imagine what I would need aside of time.

No brushes? Take an old sock, your finger or whatever holds paint for a moment. No paint? Make paint out of stuff that sticks and has some colour. No canvas and stretcher? Take A4 (Letter) copy paper, toilet paper, the wall or floor. Any of these choices will set you off onto a path and things will evolve at step you take.


Here a current example, from my recent weeks. I have the opportunity to do some photo shoots. The problem is my camera cannot deal well with low light circumstances. I have no extra lights and on top of that my 17-85 mm zoom lens broke. I looked for a while around for a replacement camera, extra lights and a new lens. But then it dawned on me, row with the oars you got.

The photo shoots might happen later this spring perhaps which eases up on the light situation then. I do have an excellent 50 mm lens (about 70 – 80 mm on an APS-C camera). Thus, if the space is large enough I can do an available light shoot with this lens. Alternatively I can paint what I have in mind, or, integrate some concepts I like to photograph.