Caloom 2013

A proposal the team made for Aalto’s appcampus competition.

This proposal is about how Caloom would look like on a Windows phone (Lumia). It would use the tile concept but overall the interaction across phones is pretty much the same. The “big idea” was that Caloom would be the platform that integrates geo-data from other services and present it with the same look & feel and logic or UX. We would not require an organization to move it’s data to Caloom but instead the organisation uses their own service(s) and through our API we could give access to our functionality. The basic stuff.

Here some of the text from our application.

Caloom is a visual location based local resource exchange. It is a digital services platform for finding and offering products, events and services without physical world borders.

The Caloom app will make accessing Caloom services faster and easier.

Google, Facebook and other similar service providers are all covering some parts of what Caloom offers. We have not found one single service provider who offers all of the elements that are part of the Caloom service. Our founding philosophy is based on the 5Ws….

Caloom has been developed over the course of the last couple of years independently. No formal outside funding nor angel investment has been received. Our team believes we have the means to build, sell and grow Caloom in a way funding is not an obstacle.


Here is the whole file: Caloom appcampus presentation.pdf