Caloom 2015

In 2015 Nick and I were very much focusing on an alternative approach to conventional Artificial Intelligence. In order to attract new team members I used the very known visual style of the O’Reilly books and applied our code word for the new Caloom: Lemmings

The concept of the lemmings came about during a meeting with Bo G. back in late 2014 or early 2015, can’t remember. We spoke about how autonomous software agents with each a specific purpose could roam large bodies of text. They would bring back collections of data and these collections would be analyzed. The agents would disappear, like lemmings they would walk of the proverbial cliff.

It was this image that triggered larger ideas of focused agents working together and creating a kind of neural network. This network in our vision would become alive and ever changing but it would leave patterns, traces of previous events. As the lemmings were focused and gathering specific types of data, like nerve endings, we could begin to trace these changes and perhaps better understand future possible changes.

Donald Hoffman’s work on conscious agents could perhaps be an angle to further explore as this gets very close to the final Artificial Intelligence done different. My later posts on Service design and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and Service Design Thinking
explore further the potential of autonomous agents that serve mankind.