Caloom and Yle

In 2014 Nick and I worked on quiet a few presentations and demos to show various organizations the benefits of Caloom. Through the lens of Caloom everything can be structured with:

what + when + where + who + worth

When this is done, an incredible number of previously undiscovered connections inside and between digital (textual) content becomes visible. This is a much less CPU and time intensive method than current AI approaches. We tested this with an online bible and smaller data sets. Until August 2015 the app was running at Openshift Cloud. It used Elastic, RabbitMQ, Celery, Meteor, NLTK, Python and some more goodies.

Caloom is still a fantastic concept and do contact me if you like to further it. Caloom can be used for musea, journalism, education to name a few.

A pdf presentation:

caloom and yle


Learning & Caloom – understand the world around you

Impact Positively

  1. Through Learning
  2. Through Understanding
  3. Through Cultural Change

What + Where + When + Who + Worth

  1. Describe Digital Content
  2. Connect The World’s Knowledge
  3. Unite Metaphors In Unified W5 Model
  1. Program
  2. Episode
  3. Scene
  4. Frame


  1. Anything

Understand Information

  1. Information Is Everywhere
  2. Key Is In Finding Relationships
  3. Everything Is Linked To Everything

Views On Learning

  1. Learning Through Playing
  2. Be Creative And Understand
  3. Finding The Unfound

Connecting The Dots


  1. Digital Information Gets Connected
  2. Connected Information Becomes Meaningful
  3. The Joyful Discovery Of Meaningful Information Leads To Learning

Learning & Caloom & Yle

understand the world around you


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