Caloom WX Use Cases

Use Cases

Use Case “News”:

Welcome to the Finnish National Broadcast agency, YLE. The headline of the first article reads about increased unrest in the Middle East, a story that has been going on for tens of years. It is complex as there are many countries involved, organizations and individuals. It is about resources, religions, politics, cultures and so much more.

The article gives a snapshot of what has happened the past few days and named some of the contemporary key players in this drama. Names that sound familiar to us, cities we have often heard off and parts of past events we are so familiar with.

The article links to 3 “related articles” at the bottom and each of them link to another YLE news item, all written articles.

The Caloom WX-widget shows that the people mentioned in the article also appear in other articles. The same for locations, dates, keywords and numbers or quantities. Selecting the “Who” in the WX-widget gives the details of the names and how many other articles within the site are found with this name. You can select a name (Who) and for example a location (Where) and you can see how many articles have both the name and location in them. Simple combinations can be made at YLE’s public site but the journalists use more unraveling combinations to see if hidden relationships come to the fore.

Use Case Decision Makers (about setting up wx.js)

The office of the head of innovations of the national research agency has no good oversight on what sort of research is done, what the topics and domains are, who is doing it, who gets financed and who not and a few other practical matters that makes decision making possible, or, impossible

Through a LinkedIn group on innovation Tim received a short message from a fellow member, Ally, about a sort of information analytic of research materials. Ally seem enthusiastic about it as she says it is a new and needed way of unraveling connections within large data sets. She compares the ease of setup with google analytic, Tim is familiar with that but has not done it himself.

Tim contacts the administrator, Jerry, for their own rather humble databases and ask if there is a database with textual information on for example patents or researches. Unfortunately they are scattered across but in the end two databases are chosen. Tim and Jerry sit during the lunch break in Jerry’s office and signup at for a test drive. After filling in the few details on how to access the databases an API key is generated. This key is crucial Tim gets to hear from Jerry who has done such procedures before.

Tim watches how Jerry copies the wx.js javascript into their own research article template. When they visit their “latest research” page Tim and Jerry see hardly any difference, only a few spinning Caloom icons that stop spinning after a few seconds. Each research article on that page has retrieved the connections…

Use Case Educators:

Enter the world of secondary school education, restless children with their thumbs on their smart phones. A known sight all in the more affluent nations around the world. Societies are changing, people are changing and education uses books.

Matthias the chemistry teacher starts the class with saying today they are going to learn about CO2. Jasper, one of the savvy pupils, swipes his still on smart phone and enters youtube. With a few finger clicks he gets a huge list of videos on CO2, ranging from conspiracy theories, university lectures to alarming doom videos the world is going to end… soon.

Jasper is lost already in this maze of options and only listens half to Matthias until his sub conscious picks up key words like “online” “you” “phone” “today”. Fully attentive Jasper sees how Matthias has already started a video presentation on some new cool looking web service called Caloom.

Our school has now access to almost all our countries university libraries and even more abroad and this number is growing. I played with it last night so I am not yet familiar with this but it looks like I can see how for example CO2 is connected to certain research fields, to industries, to organisations, people. But also how the research boomed only 12 years ago and how an exponentially growing amount of money flows to this research.

Matthias, can we also use this Caloom? Jasper asks his teacher. Matthias goes on to say to everyone in the class that today they will get access through the school’s administration. Jasper can’t wait to find out about some chemical questions he never dared to ask his teacher…