Digital freedom and insight in information

I checked this morning how content from my website stacks up against google’s search results. And one thing got very clearly confirmed:
if you want a high ranking at google, join google

Google is NOT the search service it once claimed to be and perhaps even was. If you use ad-sense or ad-words or ad-something by Google (Alphabet Inc.) or you sign up your business email there, then your content regardless of what you put online shows up high.

This is fine for me as I do not use Google for searching the internet but many people simply do not understand the workings and reasons of and by Google or Facebook for that matter. These are companies intending to make a profit and that is great! But they are walking the fine line between using your information to serve their business interested and serving you. In fact, I think that balance has clearly shifted to them serving themselves.

That reminded me of a 2012 whitepaper I wrote on citizens and digital innovations:
towards citizens as digital innovators 2012(tiny edit 2017)