Extrasensory Design (Extra Sensory Design)

What does it mean? What are my definitions or starting points?

Extra means “in addition to”

Sensory means “from impulse to sensation”

Design means “to give shape to”

As a sentence I could write: “to give shape to additional impulses and sensations”

But still, what does this mean? I learn how we could tap into our extra senses, how we can pick up those faint or strong signals, recognize them for what they are and translate them into something… I don’t know yet.

Another aspect is to develop products that magnifies these signals, like a radio receiver or amplifier. Maybe there are a wide variety of signals out there that we do pick up but they are too weak, too uncorrelated or simply not acceptable in the culture we live in.

These 2 aspects of our extra senses I like to design products and services for.