Ordonum video editing and meta data

Desktop HD

Years ago I worked with Jussi Myllyniemi (now the lens genius behind Whitepoint Optics) on a 2002 project called “Canned Content”, see this file:

The experts in Finland believed, and told us, that such a concept would have no future. People are not interested in information present in movies or TV-series, or advertisements. Hence we got no financing and no support, from no one. Except from a company called Quantel which made studio equipment if I am correct.

Anyway, this concept, of course, has become more and more relevant and in 2018 I brought it back to life as Ordonum when working with Maurits on our Exovatio project. Even though Ordonum is a slimmed down version, the principles are still the same.

Ordonum in action can be seen here as a demo video about Innovation Theft.