Sharing is caring – why a new internet is needed

I have posted before on the bullying aspect of democracy and the problems with the current internet (culture).  Problems are opportunities as it simply means some people like to see it differently. I see an increase in law, rules and regulations and to me this indicates a society in decline. There has much been written on how to identify declining civilizations, please do a search. But who would I be if I simply let a good opportunity go to waste?

Some months ago I got in touch with a few internet entrepreneurs and I said I would give them an example of a simple GUI that would allow people to share their hosting resources with others. Even though there might be legal issues I think this is going to be the way forward. This idea occurred to me years ago when I kept an eye on my resource usage at one of my hosting providers. Here a recent example:

A clickable prototype that shows some aspects of sharing your resources, the prototype is at


Why not share these resources with those you care about? A throw in that direction is this:

The GUI would show all the available resources. You can assign percentages of those resources¬† to the people you want to support.¬† You pay for it anyway. Of course this will change the business model of the current hosting providers and cloud providers. I see this as a potentially good direction. I wrote about business model change also in a paper called “Towards citizens as digital innovators” back in 2012. I feel we should move away from the centralized model we use now and go to a true distributed model where the user is in control.

Hosting providers, people working there, are too sensitive for the criticism they receive from a relatively small group of bullies. We see this time and time again, a small group who had a platform like TV channels/program or who have come together on Twitter&Co. attack those with less leverage. What follows is shaming, labeling and false accusations. There is little one can do against this, the internet has turned itself into an echo chamber with mad people screaming on the inside. This causes the hosting providers to pull the services on those accused.

And so we suppose to create a diverse and tolerant society? I don’t think so. If different opinions cannot be heard we have become intolerant. There are enough horrific opinions I can not find myself to agree with. We have (too many) laws to deal with incitement of violence so let use the law deal with this (1), not a bullying twitter horde.

  1. there is a good 2 part series on Cafe Weltschmerz that covers the corruption within the Dutch legal system