Tampere Service Design’s first meetup 2

Last Friday (April 6th) we had our first Tampere Service Design meetup at Tribe Ry and started around 16:00. There were a little over 10 people and we has a great time. As this was our first meet we started with introductions and then moved on to explaining what this meetup group is about. After that we had our first little workshop/assignment that Cristo came up with. the Golden Circle

When you do this for the first time it might feel a bit confusing as you start with answering the “why” question. Why refers to you and why you do things. The rest follows from the answers you give here. And so it went, we all followed the instructions and wrote down on a sheet of paper the why, how and what.

The surprising thing was we began to talk about personal matters and soon the group, who met for the first time, got a real bonding going on. Most of us thought this was a very powerful and amazing first meeting. 10+ strangers had a connection in a very short time. We described who we want to be, how to get there and what the world around us will see when we are who we want to be. This sparked a lot of talk and we realised we all want to help other people but we do not want to feel insignificant, not appreciated or have some false humility.

On my way home I got this idea: what if we can use service design to further one’s own life?

I dubbed this “spin off your passion”

How about we use the tools at our disposal, the power of community and monthly events to give each other feedback, help to lay out a plan and support with connections, tools, materials, time and what not. It is not the idea to fall into the trap of “I’ve got a great idea let’s find money”. This is a personal, about you, project. About who you want to be and if you need money there is something wrong.

I proposed this to the group and let’s see how they react.