ValotaLive Ltd – animated business data visualization

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Animated data visualization of business data

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Update 2018:
The interview of ValotaLive with me has (temporarily?) disappeared from their site so here is the backup:


When I met ValotaLive in 2014 they had a broad package of services and my input was on how to use their customer’s business data to construct a story, an appealing, interesting and relevant visual story. The talented and energetic team understood the opportunity that a good narrative offers their customer added value. One of ValotaLive‘s products is the placement of digital screens in public and corporate spaces. These screens are then filled with content coming from and through the ValotaLive servers.

The first project dealt with a customer case and how ValotaLive would be able to add value:

  • Customer Satisfaction through Brand Data
  • Real-time Social media and brand interaction
  • Place based brand offers

The second project (2015) delved into how business data tells an useful highly visual and animated story a visitor about for example the organization, its products and partnerships.

The topics were:

  • characteristics: data & visualization
  • data narrative
  • decisions (ethics)

Example of animated storytelling based on business data. Don’s sales figures compared to colleagues and later other sales units.

Valota’s 2016 business data visualization example.

The next step would be to go beyond the graphs. Hardly anyone likes to look at, let alone study graphs. Consider how a graph was the next step after a table or list of numbers. Now we have to ask, what is after a graph?