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UX nuisances

When you have been online for some while, like me since 1990 (only), you can look back and see the changes that have taken place…. 

Nine forms of Artificial Intelligence

L&TR The Toolmaker questioning AI #AI is too limited #AI based on Nine Types of Natural Intelligence #AI has crossed my path many times. As… 

Tampere Service Design- 10 October 2018

After a short-but-hot summer, it is time to get together once more and welcome all the new faces that joined us during this rain-free season…. 

What it also means to be authentic

To be authentic on the Internet nowadays seems tricky, but if you think this you are not authentic yet. In a way you should not… 

Tampere Service Design meeting April 6 2018

Tampere Service Design’s first meetup 2

Our first Tampere Service Design meetup event held at Tribe Ry was a great success. We explored the Golden Circle method and now I got a proposal on how to apply service design to apply on one’s own life.