From Summer To Autumn

And much time has passed since I wrote here something. It is a workflow thing and I needed to reinstall the OS on my laptop which I used for writing here. Excuses and all but in any case, that is it.

Last summer I did an experiment: can I design logos in a very short time

Yes I can. The first took me about 30 minutes from reading the brief to saving the appropriate file for uploading to The last took me a little under 7 minutes. Now do not get me wrong, the inspiration came from somewhere else I am sure, from a “dimension” where time and space do not matter.  I write this half jokingly but the serious part is about how do we get the ideas and do we need to measure a good idea and execution by the time it took to accomplish?

The short time I spent on it also reflects a half-life-long set of experiences, working effectively in Illustrator, reading carefully a brief and picking up wishes that the author either consciously knows about, or not. I can of course imagine them and that is fine too. It is not about Truth but about being inspired and being able to communicate.

So summer has ended and autumn has begun. My past days have been filled with learning to program at and I have done 34% at the moment of writing. My aim is to be independent and be able to code myself. My head is miles ahead I feel and I find it difficult to explain what I want. It is not about “them” it is about me.

Then I did a really great workshop in Illuka, Estonia about which I am going to write. That is my future as well. More workshops, more teaching. All about unlocking one’s own creativity and hopefully those at the workshops can pas the torch along and help others to do the same.

On the short list to-publish

  1. graphic design sprints I did which are hidden at
  2. writing about the workshops
  3. writing about my coding adventures (and perhaps my app idea)


I stopped doing the projects are too many people wanted NDAs to be signed but it was never clear when I and the other designers could publish the results.