Ganzfeld Experiment 1 – possible outcome

This is highly speculative with only 1 experiment but I want to bring it out there to have an up to date historical record. So at n=1 I set a relatively clear intention during the first minute of me listening to the 10 minute pink noise mp3 file. The intent was the ubiquitous “win the lottery”. I do think there is a way of letting ones intent positively collide with that future outcome but this is for another time.

Important is that with such an intent I also should actually fill in a lottery coupon. Luckily for this experiment that can be done online in Finland and that service is doing a good job for me by keeping all data on previous wins and losses at my fingertips. Within a time span of 30 minutes I was at the site, let the system automatically fill in a few lines and paid.

The next day I looked and I had a significantly higher than average score, 4 times the winning vs input. Nothing big, just enough to buy a few books, which I did:

TitleAuthor(s)ISBNFront Cover
Extra-Sensory Perception - Scholar's Choice The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)9781298048820extra-sensory-perception---scholars-choice-edition
Extra-Sensory PerceptionJ.B. Rhine9780828314640extra-sensory-perception
Paracoustics: Sound & the ParanormalSteven T. Parsons9781910121320paracoustics-sound-the-paranormal
SuperNormalDean Radin9780307986900Supernormal - Dean Radin