Jeroen’s past

I was born in The Netherlands, Leek (Groningen) in 1969. I grew up on Texel and Schagen in a family of 6, 2 parents and 4 boys. I always have loved to find out how stuff works and why. This transpires through all that I do in various creative ways. From a young age my mind was filled with fantasies and “what ifs”. I saw things in my minds eye, sometimes they were my own fantasies but often they were something that happened or was to happen still.

My school period was hectic, to put it mildly – enough about that. Only when I arrived at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie I found my place and I was probably the first student to arrive and the last one to leave, often together with the concierge closing the doors. Yes I loved the place with the workshops and the super ugly class rooms. During a 2 weeks workshop at The Royal College of Arts I met my current wife and I decided to move to Finland. It was my, and later our, intention to stay for a year but here we are.

Years of studying, research and being a consultant followed. Tumult times with many ups and downs which ended for me this summer. I was asked to give a lecture and do a workshop in Estonia which went very well. I returned and people said I had changed, I was happy, smiling and enthusiastic. Only then I realized what I really wanted: practicing creative expression on any form I wanted and helping others to do the same or similar

In short:

I train and educate people to use imagination, creativity and intuition to develop a products or services, to solve problems, to create something totally new.

I paint, I sculpt, I make jewellery, I draw and invent. This is my other half. And both are essential and support one another.

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