May and June updates

Much, much has happened the past months. I make a list as I have little time to write a concise post for you.

Massive email problems with one email account –> changed provider for 2 domains which took about a month to get sorted and still there are issues, now with my calendar.

Started two new projects centered around eroticism, much more exciting than what I have done before.

Did some lecturing, teaching, babbling at the University of Jyväskylä on design, design attitude, getting stuff done effectively and without the endless excuses.

Continue in the garden with finishing a 9 meters by 5 meters patio. It needs a roof and I use bloody heavy pieces of wood for this. I Am stalling this project I notice, need some energy.

Started to write short stories.

Started to work with Daz3D

Started to illustrate

Oh, finally got my new computer to work. A Hackintosh with a gorgeous BenQ PD3200Q display. Computer costs around €1500 and the display around €700.