Mondriaan Fonds – Temporary National Ateliers (Studios)

This page is about a new initiative by the Mondriaan Fonndation. It talks about what this initiative is, where, for whom and how to apply. What I found relevant to the recent Kiasma event was the expansion of different kinds of workshops for different kinds of artists or designers. In Finland,as a foreigner even more so, I find it really hard to understand what my options are. But I see a lot of silent-demand from e.g. young people to be more creative and learn to make stuff.

What I do is summarise the page rather than translate it.And if you like to know more then you can ask me

There seems to be an increasing demand by artists and “intermediaries” to work in The Netherlands as an “artist in residence”. The Mondriaan Foundation (MF) offers a few of those.

You can apply for a 2-6 month period

The places are very popular

The latter 3 locations in the list are added
There is a total of 13 places available

MF wants to stimulate the exchange of ideas and offer an inspiring environment
MF wants to aid in the mobility and visibility of artists
Both people form far away as well as Dutch artists can apply
The selection for 2016 is made in collaboration with Dutch Culture / Trans Artists
In the selection the location place an important role

In 2016 some special, partially new studios, as offered
The studios/locations have a theme like conceptual and performance, language and literature, personal development, illustrations and drawings and some studios have special technical fascilities
The results are exhibited locally

MF offers a 2000€/month scholarship
This is meant to cover travel, material and residency costs
The artist is expected to cough up 200€ each month
The source of that money can be anything
MF takes care of the studio rent, the rent for the living space(s) and the guidance/tutoring/assistance
as some studios are recently started they might not be fully equipped yet and thus not fully operational
an advisory board of MF shall pre-select 3 candidates for each location and time period and choose 1 in the end
depending on the studio the time period is from 2-6 months

Deadline for applications is 26 of February 2016
MF hopes to have made the final selection in the and of April 2016
Mr Steven Tesseling is the contact person +31 20 523 1522
See the bottom of for the locations