NOOA and redacting Kp data?

I listen to a video on the SSE website with the title “The Dynamic Relationship Between People and Earth’s Energetic Systems” and it is interesting in many ways. At the 13:20 minute mark Rollin McCraty (Ph.D.) says something very interesting regarding NOOA and redacting data:

I tracked down the person at NOOA in boulder Colorado who monitors the data that calculates Kp, what's called Kp index and all that. Who confir[med] "oh yeah we see these". And I talked literally to the person, to the lady whose full-time job is removing these from the data
Frequent Magnetic Pulses

Frequent Magnetic Pulses

So what is this about? McCraty speaks about magnetic fields and waves that we can measure on this planet and those fields and waves are affected by the sun’s activity. Think of solar flares and sun spots. Then they observe these high, rapid pulses in the data of less than a quarter of a second and for a long time they considered it might be local noise. But when they established a global, time linked network of their sensors (Random Number Generators) they see this effect happening globally and they are exactly in time.

I do not understand  yet what he means by “exactly in time” but I assume it is either all at the same time regardless of time zone and location, or, all at the same time within their time zone. So in the case of the latter, 12:00 in California would be 12:00 in Latvia (local time) and 12:00 in Australia (is there a site?).

But why does NOOA redact this data?