Podcasts I listen to

I listen to maybe 2-5 podcasts irregularly. Some I can listen too each time as I find the quality, topics and interviewer consistent. Here are in random order my always listen to podcasts:

Science Set Free Podcast

Rupert Shelldrake I first heard about when I watched a Dutch TV series called “Een schitterend ongeluk” by Wim Kayzer (in Dutch). I subsequently bought Rupert’s book The Rebirth of Nature and it made sense to me. Now and then his work popped up in my other activities and interests so I could follow his experiments and progress. Since maybe 2015 he and Mark Vernon share a podcast where they talk about consciousness (phenomenology), religion, spirituality, psychology and all that hangs around it.

I am not too fond of organised religion nor am I fond of any dogma like e.g. New Ageism or Scientism. I am much more on the side of Thomas Campbell’s model where he argues “all is data” and we perceive it in various ways depending on where we stand in our personal development. But still, I have great respect for Rupert and now also Mark whom I did not know. So I set myself over my church-bias and listened. They made some good points especially in the episode “On Dreams” on an other role of the churches for dream guidance and counseling. In short

  • teach people how to lucid dream
  • use the church for this
  • let the people stay over at the church at night
  • next morning guidance on interpreting the dreams

Sounds like fun to me.

Another episode was about “Choral Evening Song” which is a British tradition to sing in the late afternoon or early evening and now some people have ut this on a map with times and such so it is easy to find a nearby church where this is done. Coming from 6 years of geo-location and IT projects I simply like this as they proved my point that most people have no clue what happens nearby…

The Unmistakable Creative

Since a week I listen to The Unmistakable Creative and episode after episode I find like minded people, I find supporting ideas and I find new things to try out. Wow! I like this podcast. Their website I find hard to navigate, I rather have a plain and simple site but hey, that’s me.

The Jealous Curator

I found this podcast only yesterday on 18 December 2015. I have the gut feeling that this podcast will soon become my favorite one. The reason is I think very easy to guess. I am in a transition, from design-business-entrepreneur guy into art-design-researcher guy and thus I can, I think, relate to this lady whose name I have not even found yet. She write on her “About” page:

I have a BFA in Visual Arts {painting, printmaking, and art history}, and a post-grad in Design. I’ve worked as a designer and Creative Director for years, but have never stopped loving and creating art. After decades of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking “Damn, I wish I thought of that”,

Lens work podcast

Actually always inspiring to me. The podcasts are most often short, between 5 and 10 minutes and deal with 1 topic at a time. These topics are fleshed out by Brooks Jensen in a personal and in my opinion honest manner. He always gives me something to think about.


By Alex Tsakiris, always good interviews. Alex is a no-nonsense guy and wants to really figure out what is going on in the world of consciousness (phenomenology) and is not afraid to ask questions others do not ask. He just keeps asking and is vocal about his opinion even though the guest sees it different.