Video Editing

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PES Covid  Featured

Over the years I have been editing videos. Most of those were tiny projects done in Apple’s iMovie. This year I edited a video around the theme of Covid-19, a critical view on the mechanics of our society.

The video is was posted at my HoppaHoppa bitchute channel and is now at Youtube Covid-19 and Immigration. The video is edited with Davinci Resolve, the free version. Resolve is still new to me and I stayed with the basic tools. I saw some tutorials about the use of “fusion” and “Fairlight”, but I didn’t need it. My approach to learning new things is to use the tools you need to get stuff done.

A screenshot of the project in DaVinci Resolve

If, or when, I do more editing I probably will get used to the tools I now use and become curious about the more advanced or specific tools. I let this happen when it happens, and don’t put any pressure on myself any more.

This video is part of other work I have done with Maurits. Here are the book illustrations and here is the brand-new site the End of Darkness