Working during the holidays


A true artist and entrepreneur never rests it seems. July and August have been my holy days so far but I have noticed little difference in the hours I spent off or working. Admittedly, the job is fantastic but heavy in that I need to motivate myself day in day out.

At the beginning of this year, I began to paint and photograph. This has been very satisfying but due to all sorts of reasons I needed a break. Now I face my blank wall and long to put up a blank canvas, and begin again. This will happen, soon.

The recent months have all been about learning for me, new 3D software packages. I started with DazStudio, then added Marvelous Designer to the mix but I end up with only using Blender. Blender has a steep learning curve but I get there. Thus, day in day out I sat here, hitting the keys and looking at my screen in the hope my key combination was correct this time. Blender is heavy on key combinations, but my brain is low on that.

So here we are. Doing, once again, new things. But I like it even though I need to motivate myself every day. Probably when I have a reasonable good control over the tools I can create more. When I create, I am motivated to create even more.