Senior Consultant

The big picture

It is my second nature to make cross connections between yet unconnected concepts, this is partially why I generate very quickly ideas. This is one of my strengths and I offer this as a professional service to your organisation. The format is to spend a half or full day with 4-8 of your key people and explore a broad selection of relevant and sometimes seemingly odd scenarios.

The outcomes are truly new service and product ideas, eye opening business concepts and a great day together. This builds the basis for further exploration which eventually could lead to new products and services, way ahead of the competition or even the establishment of a totally new market.

A backgrounder

I have been lecturing for years on creativity and how to generate it. For years I have been teaching at MA level at a university in Helsinki Finland on creating data-driven services. In this course we explored data analysis, the design of a service and the execution of the design. As a consultant to e.g. startups I help them to be authentic in what they do and offer.


1000 € a day plus VAT and travel & accommodation expenses


1 day

  • 1 day workshop

2 days

  • ½ day preparation
  • 1 day workshop
  • ½ day summary and report