Social-technological innovation, interconnected services and future probabilities

My expertise is in social-technological innovation, interconnected services and future probabilities. Since 2018 I focus on the study of consciousness and its applications.

  • About communication, AI or data.
  • Strong focus on utility and useful products.
  • Any project that deals with picking up subtle energies or consciousness (Extrasensory-Perception or Psycho Physics)

The big picture

Service design is the activity of researching, planning, implementing, testing and refining services or service components. Service design includes the interaction between people, the infrastructure, communication, policies and the tangible components that are part of this service. As a service designer, you need to have a good understanding of the many available methods without becoming a captive of those methods.

A large part of service design is the ability to understand the world and its dynamics. To create a good service there are quite many things that are involved. Here I have a high-level checklist I normally start with:

  • The economy.
  • The political climate.
  • The environment (pollution, resource depletion,…)
  • the people potentially using and not using the P&S (users and non-users)
  • the personal economic, political and environmental state of the users
  • the goals, dreams and fears of those users
  • the client organization that intends to develop this P&S
  • the organization’s economic, political and environmental state
  • the organization’s goals, dreams and fears

These above would be my starting points. It is in my character to explore areas that are non-mainstream. I need those, so I can better understand the bigger picture and more often than not those sometimes controversial areas offer me a wealth of insights. Each of the items in the list above will evoke opposite opinions, whether on a global or very local scale. For example, if you ask 10 economists about the state of the economy you likely get 3 or more distinctly different views. The same for politics and the environment.

If you want to create a user-friendly service you better understand that the world around you is not homogeneous and certainly not how you think it is. Here I step into your project as I gently remind you about the 2 or 3 other points of view and that quite many other people represent these points of view.
My role

Service design also includes visual, logical and technical components. On all these areas I got plenty of experience as my CV will tell you. For me, service design consulting is about giving my experience and insights within an as short possible time span as effectively as I can to an organization. It is short, effective and to the point.

My MA course teaching at Aalto (2008-2017) has been about data-driven service design. The experiences from interacting with younger and older students from all over the world helped me a great deal to understand cultural differences. This I also bring with me when doing a project with you.

I am the strongest and most interested in:

  • Near and long-term strategy.
  • Multidisciplinary projects.
  • Pro-active, supportive environments

I can do very fine:

  • Leading design teams and diverse teams.
  • Idea generation, scenarios, road maps & creating product families.
  • Design sketches, interactive mock-ups, requirements, GUI and UX design.