"Alone and seduced" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2019

Alone and seduced

In some previous studies, I explored the feeling of loneliness and being lost. I asked myself “why would I go into such a situation?”. This painting attempts to answer that question in part.… Read More »Alone and seduced

"The Way Out" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2018

The way out

Acrylic on OBS3 board with Tyvek. 1197 x 740 mm. I started last night on this painting. It is mainly done with the palette knife but some dry brush here and there. The… Read More »The way out

"Lost" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2018

Lost 1

Are you lost or is there someone with you? My second painting of today. I got not much to tell. The technique is wet-on-wet, palette knife and dry brush. As always, many layers.… Read More »Lost 1

Work in progress "Transition 1" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2018

Transition 1

I simply started to paint with no idea what I was going to paint. There are many layers, mostly with palette knife and very textured.