give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

Teaching deals with communication, knowledge transfer, listening, anticipating and reacting, stimulating and questioning. My specialty has become to teach about the role of data and technology in our society. Product and Service Design related topics are due to historical developments taught through the eyes of an engineer but my teaching is rather following the scientific method.

My lectures are an adventure and never the same, I never teach from a book nor repeat myself unnecessarily. Instead of reading from a book and telling my students what to think I follow the above Chinese proverb. More often than not we start the etymology (study of words) and begin to imagine what a topic such as User Experience Design might mean. The idea is that if you do the research yourself, struggle a bit and come with some answer you learn better than accepting what I got to say about this. Of course there is a moment of synthesis which we do through conversations.

Teaching activities:


I started teaching when I was still at high school. I took over a few times the art class as the teacher was away and she saw my enthusiasm for helping my fellow students. I liked it but was not very much aware of me doing some actual teaching.

When I arrived in Finland in 1995 my first teaching was in a pretty much similar situation: taking over a class. Only this time the teacher had no connection with the group  as a whole and no results were made I got to hear.

It was a group in the spatial planning department of then UIAH (TAIK) and which is now called Aalto university. I remember the course very well. Students were asked to redesign a not so attractive but important shopping center in East Helsinki.

What surprised me was that they all designed by looking at a map and floor plans. I changed that and taught them to design while standing and walking around in the shopping center. They liked it and the results were great. I back in 1995/6 such a thing would be called customer centered design.


Anomalous Cognition, sense making, applied intuition

art, creativity, design

government, industry & education

passionate, surprising & diverse

4 hours to 5 days
5 – 35 motivated people

Loovusfoorum 2015

Loovusfoorum 2015

I give workshops on creativity, intuition and idea generation. The context could for example the fine arts, product or service development, design and architecture. Customers have been industry, government and education. The aim is to balance theory with experimentation so the audience is doing stuff themselves.


remote viewing results

Good results are obtained by doing, analyzing and doing again.

Recent workshop topics have been Design Thinking, Product & Service DevelopmentImagination & Creativity & Intuition, ESP Idea generation and validation. Here are the notes of the April 2017 “Ajatus” workshop which gives an idea of the kind of content I present. Depending on the audience the content can be broader or deeper, more about the history or more about the current state of affairs and application.

The generic setup for each workshop is

  1. Introduction and theory
  2. Exercises
  3. Assessing
  4. Wrapping up

a multi-hour workshop

Everything is compressed, quick and the focus is at getting “spike experiences”, something you remember.

A multi-day workshop

Introduction and theory

  1. fragments of videos of relevant researchers talking about their work
  2. references to scientific papers and experiments
  3. my explanation of these experiments and own illustrations
  4. how this relates to our top and how we can create own experiments


  1. introducing various experiments and looking at the results obtained by scientists
  2. looking into real-world, applicable uses
  3. Setting up the experiment and execute


  1. gather results and analyze and we pay special attention to exploring as many explanations as possible
  2. conclusions

Wrapping up

BA & MA Courses

design&thinking, data visualisation

passionate and truly innovative

international students

Dynamic Visualization Design 2008 – 2017

Aalto University – MediaLab

Markku Reunanen (Aalto University) markku.reunanen@aalto.fi

“Jeroen has been a lecturer on the Dynamic Visualization 1 and 2 courses, where he’s taken care of a variety of duties: teaching, project tutoring and grading the assignments. He always does more than just the required minimum, comes up with new perspectives, and is very honest and thorough in his critique.”

Info Graphics 2006 – 2007

Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Media Department
Teach how to think and analyze own thinking, business and product focused
Use mass media as an example of the power of communication
Students learn that their choices have consequences and influence

Product development 2002

Tampere University of Applied Sciences / International Business School

(still adding content here)

Closing thoughts

Teaching is a 2-way street. I learn by teaching and the audience learns from me and from the interaction and dynamics. My world is colorful, very colorful, and I do not see it black and white. I do rarely present certainties but rather open doors and explore alternatives. My role as an educator it to help you to see, feel and understand a wider spectrum of options. And I am good at this, period.

I like to work with art and design students, or other creative fields. Creative in this context means when people need to come up with solutions, find odd ball combinations, try something out of the blue. If that is the spirit in your school then we have a match.



If this interests you and you like to hire my services as a consultant, teacher or designer then contact me