VirSiSu – Virtual Sisustus Suunitellu (Virtual Interior Design)

During 1997-1998 I was a Service Design student/researcher at the University of the Industrial Arts Helsinki on the VirSiSu project. My role was to develop B2C and B2B opportunities for the color-accurate VRML technologies developed by VTT. I studied academic peer reviewed papers on the effects of color on our surrounding, the differences in human color perception vs machine color measurement, the role of light (wavelength) and lighting (spot, diffuse, …), the role of surface texture (hairy, smooth,..) on color, the state of computer 3d color rendering technologies (raytracing, subsurface diffraction,…) and more.

In addition I developed requirements (text) and interface guidelines (wires, graphics and text) and general presentations on my area of study.


  • VTT
  • UIAH
  • MasaYards
  • Finlayson
  • Vertex