Jeroen’s Work Experience untill 2019

Born on the 25th of August in the glorious year 1969 in a small, but important village called Leek in the province of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Curriculum Vitae


Business Owner — Carelse Ay — 1997-present
Running the business and doing a wide variety of design related projects for private individuals, companies and government. CAD, interior design, colour design, graphic design, 3D modelling, service design, furniture design, web design, software development, business consulting

Company shaman — Eduix Oy — 2018
International business development, service design, market research and analysis, UX evaluation

Guest Lecturer — Aalto University — 2007-2017
I taught for 10 years, MA students to analyse and understand data and how develop products and services based on this data. One achievement has been to challenge the students and inspire them to greater achievements. Another  accomplishment is how students would leave their comfort zone and explore unknown areas and actually learn new things.

Project owner and partner — Caloom — 2009-2017
A self initiated and financed series of startup projects. During this period, I managed small teams of developers, initiated sales, gave presentations, create business plans and collaboration proposals. Caloom was a brilliant concept that made a service creation straightforward. It was based on my invention to structure all data at the highest level through a combination of what + when + where +who + worth. Various descriptions of the versions of Caloom I went through are version 1, version 2, version 3 and version 4

Design manager — Telia-Sonera — 2004-2005As an external consultant, I successfully completed design related concepts for the company. Due to this success, I was asked to become the first design manager. My objectives were to create the corporate design strategy (accomplished) and to create the new design department (half accomplished). I successfully introduced gamification as my team turned a very unpopular piece of software called Connect into an addictive product. Due to unnecessary internal strife, I left the company too soon.

Design consultant Avantone (Metso-Nokia-Hansaprint-VTT) – 2002-2004
as a service design consultant, I helped to create market opportunities for a series of patents and products. My most important input was to show how design thinking helps in engineering and scientific processes. The Diffractive colour system patent I share ownership in.

Researcher and service designer at TAIK 1996-1999
I did research on the use of Virtual Reality in industry, B2B and B2C. I helped to create 3D virtual reality, CAD product and services in collaboration with among others Finnair, Kvaerner Masa-Yards (STX), Nokia, VTT, Finlayson, building companies, city of Helsinki and many other players. Read more at VirAps, VirSiSu, SofaNet

From 1997 till 2010 I took aside of the above activities also care of our 2 children.


  • First-rate ability to envision innovative and viable products and services
  • Outstanding ability to create wireframes from concept to completion.
  • Great in writing scenarios, journey maps, storyboards and the like
  • Excellent 2D design skills in Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and to some extent Affinity Publisher. Previously I used Illustrator, Sketch, Omnigraffle and Keynotes.
  • Excellent ability to work with WordPress and many plugins, HTML and CSS3 and to a lesser extent FramerJS
  • Excellent at doing research, analysis and synthesis
  • Good CAD and 3D skills
  • A friendly and stimulating team player, coach and chief
  • A profound interest in why we humans do the things we do
  • a self-starter, enthusiastic, determined, very social, honest, open-minded, direct, supportive, patient, teacher, and coach in heart and mind.

Big Five personality test

A recent assessment according to the Big Five Aspect Scale can be found here


I am fascinated by horoscopes, and feel strangely proud to have the same Chinese+ Western horoscope combination as Ingo Swan. Ingo Swan, the well-known artist, psychic and remote viewer, is like me a Virgo and Rooster. This is one of the birthdate horoscopes I like, and here the combined Virgo+ Rooster.


1995 Design Leadership – University of Art and Design
1993 – 1995 Industrial Design – Gerrit Rietveld Akademie
1994 Les Ateliers – Industrial Design
1995 Royal College of Art – Vernacular Furniture
1989 Interior Design – Kunst Akademie Rotterdam — 1st year )1989)
1982 – 1987 High school – RSG Schagen — HAVO

Read this important post on why my MA studies are lost…


In my portfolio, you can find my latest creative explorations and my blog posts cover a wide selection of past project descriptions, thoughts and whatever I deem interesting to write about.


2019 1 day lecture on Design at the Fuzzy Front End Design lab. See the lecture summary here
2018 4 day workshop “management of creativity and innovation” at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
2018 courses on UX Design and Interactive Content Design at LAMK
2008 – 2017 MA course Dynamic Visualization Design (DVD2) at Aalto MediaLab
2017 workshop on creativity in education for the teaching staff at the Tallinn University
2017 2 workshops “Ajatus” for 1st year art and design students at Aalto University2017 workshop on creativity in education for the teaching staff and students at the Tallinn University of Technology
2017 workshop on creativity in business for the teaching staff at the Estonian Business School
2016 workshop “Ajatus” for 1st year art and design students at Aalto University
2016 open lecture on Imagination at the Estonian Art Academy
2016 5 day workshop on creativity for MA students at the Estonian Art Academy
2016 lecture about the practical use of intuition for researchers at VTT biotechnology department in Otaniemi, Helsinki
2015 lecture and workshop for primary & secondary school teachers and ministry personnel in Estonia organized by the Council of Nordic Ministers
2008 Lecturer on Design strategies for MA design students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki
2008 Lecturer on Information Visualization for MA design students at the University of Art and Design Helsinki
2006 Full course Lecturer on Information Visualization at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences – TAMK
2006 & 2007 Full courses Info Graphics at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences – TAMK
2002 course product development at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences – TAMK
1999 lecture at the University of Tampere on Future Interfaces
1997 lecture on the use of ICT in teaching at the Grafisch Lyceum Amsterdam
1996 Full courses coaching spatial planning students at TAIK


Markku Reunanen (senior lecturer at Aalto University)

“Jeroen has been a lecturer on the Dynamic Visualization 1 and 2 courses, where he’s taken care of a variety of duties: teaching, project tutoring and grading the assignments. He always does more than just the required minimum, comes up with new perspectives, and is very honest and thorough in his critique.”

Samu Mielonen (co-founder Satama Interactive, Antimatter Design)

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jeroen Carelse, and I am delighted to recommend him without hesitations. He has exceptional connective and explanatory skills, combined with the ability to go through information scarce material and produce novel, interesting and useful insights that can be executed in practise. He is also a good communicator, has high moral standards, and extremely easy to work with on a personal level. “

Juhani Risku (Nokia)

“Jeroen is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic innovators in IT and mobile industry I have worked with. He is extremely focused on concept and product essence and quality. This means continuous iteration of the idea and meaning to reach better versions for the services and products. I can highly recommend Jeroen.”

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto (Metso Automation, Avantone)

“Jeroen has the ability to see the big picture in new product creation and often thinks outside the box. He is an excellent sounding board for ideation. He brought valuable insights on design thinking to our joint projects.”

Prizes & Publicity

Lavatory brush, nominated, HEMA (1995)
KASA, object for storing clothes, co-designed nominated, Waterlilly ICI (1997)

Toilet for the Future 1st prize, Industrial design Maag Lever en darm Stichting – Foundation for  Stomach, Liver and Intestine  (1994)

YLE2 (assisting Leena when she worked for Kodin Kääntöpiiri and Muuttohaukantie), MTV-Europe (interviews on Telecom business), ABC news (USA) (interview), VPRO (NL) (interview) ,RTL 4 (NL) (interview)

Blueprint (Great Britain), Abitare (Italia), Frame (The Netherlands), BOX (Italy), Domus (Italy) …and more

Newspapers (NL)
NRC Handelsblad, Telegraaf, Parool, Volkskrant and more

Work experience chronologically

This list is also an entry to my portfolio, and it’s long with small and larger projects. Its primary purpose is to give an insight in my interests.

Teaching at various schools from 1995 onwards

Tasks: interactive content, interactive content design, management of creativity and innovation

3D CAD architectural modelling and construction (2017-ongoing)

Tasks: based on 2D sketches and detailed drawing, I create an accurate 3D model in Sketchup. This project concerns 10 + 22 apartments.

Finestbolt (2016-2019)

WordPress site building and maintenance. Industrial process visualization

GEME (2016-2018)

Geme is a geo-location based platform that inspire people, organizations and local businesses to contribute information in their neighbourhood and/or create and share hyper-local ads to help drive in-store sales. I helped them with UX and Service Design consulting, coaching the team graphic designer

Shop Interior design (2017)

For an adult shop in Helsinki I did a proposal. Made in 3D. The project aimed to create an exclusive female friendly sex toy store in the Kallio area.

Dating service and app (2017)

A continuation of an earlier project which I initiated with Nokia Research Center. You can see real time if someone pays attention to you and which parts of the photo (image) is most interesting.


Owlee Location-based web and IOS/Android app to add, manage and find useful local resources and events. UX and Service Design, interface and interaction design. I made the visual identity, you can see something here still.

Ajatus (2016 – 2017)

creativity workshop at Aalto University for BA students in the Arts and Design departments. Teaching about body –  mind relationships with examples of scientific research. Doing experiments and analyzing the results. See this post , this one, and this one

Real estate location based service (2015-2016)

partner in a startup doing the UX and Service design, business development, visioning, graphic design, UI design

SEK adveristing agency  Helsinki (2016)

consulting/lecture on Design Thinking

Usetrace (2015-2016)

UX and service design consulting Proposal is here

Valota (2014-2016)

Data visualization and service design consulting. An interview with me is here and post with some project information is here

Caloom version 3 AI (2014-2016)

web service to re-create and reinforce social cohesion
A very smart tool for education and understanding information What + Where + When + Whom + Worth
project currently @aGithub and
UX design, connecting, visioning, planning, marketing, sales
building the team, managing the small distributed & networked team

Some related posts about this project

The Ball (2011-2013)

what if information could flow through networks as blood cells through our body
an experimental information and software automation framework @github. Here a link to a more recent page and a whitepaper that I wrote. I did Visioning, concepting, presenting, working on design and prototypes and GUI implementation sales and account management

Nokia – Touchscreen Interaction

“New Interaction Method and Tools”, in collaboration with Nokia Research Center. A “platform” innovation according S60 senior manager
Rich user interaction “emotion and interaction” This later became the basis for a dating service and mobile app that I worked on (not launched).  A summary page here.

Consciousness + Communication (2009-2010)

desktop research on remote viewing experiments intention (mind) – hardware interaction, general consciousness (phenomenology) research and how to apply this to telecom industry, about mind to mind communication

Free Networks (2008-2012)

Consulting a now well known internet activist organization
cypherspace – darknets – adhoc mesh networks bringing in strategic thinking into activist minds open source – open data research. I continue this work with another group but this is now only loosely under development, see here

BNR – Business News Radio (2009)

Weekly live radio interview on innovation in Finland” Dutch news radio, part of Financieel Dagblad

Discovery Map – Caloom 1 (2007-2009)

Study oil, food and water resource problems
Translate this into opportunities and utilise google maps
This is part of a larger service called Caloom, see above

Energy And Finance (2005-2007)

researching conventional and unconventional forms of energy studying financial markets and banking system
observing volatile dependencies

And more…

XML + mpeg-4 based enhanced production workflow. Extensively using meta data
semi-automatically describe your movie and allow for easy retrieval of scenes, actors, props and so forth. Pdf presentation is here

Canned Content (2003-2004)

Defence Industry (2001)

Wearable Computing And Surveillance

Mtv Europe (2001)

wearable computing and pervasive computing
concepts and project plan. A pdf presentation is here

AIEX (2000)

Highly Innovative Community Support System
that is both physical and Internet based (2000):
highly rated by the Ministry of Education as practical and feasible. A pdf about this is here

3D Information Management Software (1999)

concept of 3D information management tool (GUI) for office furniture manufacturer:
tangible office furniture and their contents is synchronised with the computer based 3D-GUI
RFID tag-readers new business idea to offer something new to the suffering office furniture market Innovation

Virsisu (1998)

3D colour accurate Interaction environment via
the Internet, together with VTT, UIAH, Finnair and others
requirements and interface guidelines presentations, graphic design

Viraps (1997-1998)

Concept development, requirements, interaction,
and overall service development. created service that would allow people to interact via the Internet AND at local branches with housing planning specialists
developed outlines to make it possible for people to create their own apartment floor plan whilst guaranteeing a high level of living quality
build based on a wide variety of mental models the various interaction approaches towards the system
presentations, graphic design

Mobile Work Development And Research Project (1998)

Co-analysis, co-design and presentation work for Mobile Work related project. Client: Antimatter Design Oy

“Dust” (1997-1998)

a GUI for retrieving information using the metaphor of dusty books on a table to understand what “information” has been used when…
Information Architecture, Interface design, memory models

3D Model Of Region In Southern Finland (1997)

requirements, overall concept, project plan
this model would allow people via the Internet get acquainted with the region and its services
presentations, graphic design

Sofanet / European Furniture collaboration system (1996 – 1997)

requirements, overall concept, interface concepts and research prototype of Internet based system together with universities and private companies presentations, graphic design

Concept And Presentation For Custom Ringtones -Nokia & Kiasma (1996)

download of custom ringtones (including brand owner’s tunes e.g. coca cola)
assign ringtones to people in address book
ringtones can be sponsored by brand owners and reduce call costs for user

Toilet of the future competition (1995)

10% of the world population has problems with their bowels. Research has shown that some of it can be alleviated by a different posture during the toilet visit. Design the toilet of the future…

Radio For Children (1994)

attempt to find metaphors for elementary
controls: search channel, volume, on-off
mock-up in primary hues for communication purposes only, final model would have looked different of course
photo available

Mobile Phone For “Non-Masculine” Users (1993)

Academy assignment / product design trend at the time was bulky, black boxes photo available

And then…

Interior Design
50+ projects for and with Leena Carelse CAD drawings and some spatial planning

30+ Web Design
projects for various clients. Basic GUI design

Product Design
10+ proposals for furniture and some arts and crafts products

Design Consulting
on how to use design principles in industry