Dutch Decay – art work

Featured Dutch Decay Book Cover
Book cover artwork for the book Dutch Decay – 2020

This version above has a vintage edge which the final book cover art work does not have. I like it with this edge but for the book cover it did not work. Also, the final book cover art work is less dark/dramatic compared to this version.

A full version of 437 × 677 mm at 300 dpi can be easily printed from this. Here is a detail.

Detail of the book cover art work for the book Dutch Decay

Here below I have added 10 screenshots that shows a similar (no colours added) and how it translates to the zone system. Just for fun…

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In the art collective End of Darkness, Solomon Wamisigo from Kenya, Maurits v. Falkenreck from The Netherlands and I collaborate on various mixed media art works.