Video production for Het PES Journaal

For a new series of videos I have made the illustrations and graphic design, and, did the video production. Maurits v. Falkenreck takes care of the text, the recording, and I put the videos on various platforms. Together, we work on the concepts of each episode. Sometimes it is Maurits who does all the research, sometimes we do this together.

Over the years I have had the misfortune to not have been able to land myself a suitable full-time job. Fortunately, this gave me an opportunity to read and watch huge volumes of historical, scientific and finance/economy/politics related papers. After twenty years of reading and dissecting the causes and effects, combined with getting a grip on human behaviour, various sequential steps begin to show up again and again.

These videos bring you a concise, theme based, insight in the working of what we have dubbed the Political Eco System, or PES. My visualization refers to a cancerous organism as like cancer, the PES has the internalized incentive to uncontrollably grow and consume healthy and well intending people (cells).

Below are the intro- and outro video snippets.


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The new End Of Darkness Youtube channel

Tekst, opname & presentatie:
Maurits v. Falkenreck

Video editing & graphics:
Jeroen Carelse

Summertime Love by LAKEY INSPIRED

Jeroen Carelse

End Of Darkness – 2021

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