XXXXXX – logo design

My Solution

ZAM (not real name) and the lab intertwined. Many variations possible on this theme. I explore a few aspects in the other designs.

ZAM and LAB as equals intersecting. ZAM is the process, the people who use the LAB. The process of learning and experimenting is visualized through of the density of the letters LAB. from light to dark. The result is a concentrated, focused product, the red dot.

Due to NDA restrictions the company/project name cannot be shown and it is unclear when the NDA will become invalid


Brief/Notes from customer:

I would like to use this logo mostly on my website or on ppt presentations. The intent intent for this logo is not to have a recognized brand design but rather a unique piece of “eye candy”I understand that my name might be difficult be incorporated as integral part in the logo.
I would also be happy with a logo that use only “XXX” or “XXX XXX” or no letters at all
My research approach is broadly described as “Chemical Biology”. this approach often aims to establish the “trinity” of a small molecule (i.e. drugs), the biological target of this drug (e.g. an enzyme, protein, DNA) and the biological effect (e.g. killing cancer cells, bacteria, or making a cell develop from one cell type to another).
It would be great if the logo could somehow incorporate this “trinity” of compound-target-phenotype.I am open to color but would probably prefer a logo that looks good in bw.stylistic inclusion of chemical structural formulas, molecule structures, proteins or DNA (e.g as helix or double helix) could work well. However, stereotype lab equipmentment like test tubes or bunsen burners are probably not what I am looking for.

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