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Plant 1 Series

Plant Series 1 is my first experiment with fluid acrylic techniques, combined with more traditional painting techniques. After many attempts with many colours, I settled for this palette. I liked the unexpected effects… Read More »Plant 1 Series

"The Way Out" by Jeroen Carelse - Acrylic - 2018

The way out

Acrylic on OBS3 board with Tyvek. 1197 x 740 mm. I started last night on this painting. It is mainly done with the palette knife but some dry brush here and there. The… Read More »The way out

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Raking the Finnish landscape

Winter has come, gardening is ground to a halt. Garden tools spread around left and right. Child rake on the beach patio. Ice crystals covered by snow. Everything similar.

Untitled cm Acrylic

Untitled 2016

Painting myself into a corner, and out of it (I hope) With no particular idea in mind, maybe with only a few faint images that I could call inspiration if I really pushed… Read More »Untitled 2016