I come up with genuinely innovative stuff, no matter what the industry is.

I love to paint, take photographs, illustrate and write about the experiences in the context of creativity and imagination. I am eager to understand creative processes and human imagination. Thus, I combine these two, I created and think and write about this process.

The goal of this site is to figure out who I am as I go along to paint, to take photos, to create art in whatever form or shape I find interesting. I think that to understand who I am, what drives me, what annoys me, what fascinates me, helps me to be authentic.

Be authentic, passionate and follow your path

To be authentic means to me to be myself, to have shredded off societal conditioning and expectations. In this authentic state, I create works that are mine, that reflect who I am. Now, I also offer you a service to find your passion and realize this in your life. Take a look at my new service called: Discover and realize your true passion and purpose in life

If you are interested in me and what I have been doing the past 25 years, head over to my about page. On my blog, you can read also about my thoughts on consciousness and many posts on past projects. I describe what I do, how I feel about it and what goes wrong.

Blog posts

Teaching, Service Design and more

I used to consult organisations in matters of design, service design, UX and product and service development. Requests to teach on creative processes and human imagination and above all, how to apply this, are welcome. I have taught for more than 20 years workshops and MA and BA course. For example, places where I have taught are the University of Jyväskylä, Aalto University in Helsinki, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Estonian Business School, Estonian Academy of Arts.


In my portfolio you find my latest creative expressions. Sometimes I write in the portfolio post itself a short text on what the work is about, sometimes I write this in my blog. Go ahead and see if there is something that interests you.